Motor oil Jasol Extra 10w40 SI/CF 1 l


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Jasol Extra 10w40 engine oil is a high-quality product designed specifically for vehicles with internal combustion engines, including gasoline and diesel engines. This product is made from high-quality base oils and additives that provide reliable engine protection against wear and contamination.

Jasol Extra 10w40 engine oil has properties that allow it to work effectively in a wide temperature range, which provides reliable engine protection in various operating conditions. In addition, this product has a high level of resistance to oxidation and ensures maximum engine efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and reducing emissions into the atmosphere.

Jasol Extra 10w40 engine oil contains special additives that provide reliable protection of the engine against wear and contamination, preventing the formation of sediment and impurities in the lubrication system. These additives also help keep the engine clean and ensure a long engine life.

Jasol Extra 10w40 engine oil is recommended for use in cars with gasoline and diesel engines operating in various operating conditions, including heavy work and long trips. The volume of 1 liter allows you to provide a sufficient amount of oil for replenishing the oil level in the engine or for a complete oil change during car maintenance.

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