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Computer diagnostics

Today's cars are becoming more and more complex and technological, and their systems have become almost impossible to test using traditional methods. This is where computer diagnostics come to the rescue, which allows you to accurately determine the condition of the car and identify potential problems.

Untimely computer diagnostics (in case of errors recorded in the electronic control units of the car or a check-engine mark)

Untimely computer diagnostics of the car can have consequences that worsen the quality of its functioning and lead to serious problems. Here are some typical problems that may arise with late computer diagnostics:

  • Engine failure: Underestimated engine problems such as erratic running, misfires, poor fuel economy or lack of power can lead to serious damage such as damage to cylinders, pistons, valves, air intake system components and fuel system damage.
  • Transmission problems: Undetected faults in the transmission control system can lead to early wear or failure of mechanisms and solenoids, requiring costly repairs.
  • Electrical problems: Malfunctions in electrical systems that are not detected and corrected in time can lead to the failure of the starting system, power, lighting or electronic controllers that ensure safety and comfort while driving.
  • Security systems: Malfunctions in safety systems, such as the stability system, braking system or airbags, can affect the effectiveness and reliability of these systems, which can impair driving safety and lead to an accident.

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The history of computer diagnostics of a car begins with the growing complexity of technologies in the automotive industry. Older cars had simpler electrical systems and their problems could be detected by traditional diagnostic methods based on observation, measurement and mechanical disassembly.

However, with the advent of microprocessor-based electronic engine control systems in the 1970s, the challenge arose of detecting and diagnosing faults that could not simply be seen or measured. This led to the development of computer diagnostics. In the beginning, cars were equipped with basic electronic control systems. Car manufacturers began using special devices to read error codes generated by electronic controllers. These devices were connected to the car's diagnostic connector and could be used to detect trouble codes and trouble indicators.

In the 1990s, standardized communication protocols such as OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostics) appeared, which allowed for a standardized way of reading and transmitting data from the car's electronic systems. This allowed third-party manufacturers to develop universal diagnostic devices that could work with different makes and models of cars.

Why make a computer?computer diagnostics?

Computer diagnostics of the car is an important procedure that helps to identify potential problems and malfunctions in the electronic systems of the car. Here are some reasons why it is recommended to carry out computer diagnostics:

  • Troubleshooting: Computer diagnostics allows you to read error codes generated by the car's electronic controllers. This helps identify a specific problem or malfunction that may not be visible during a routine inspection. For example, it could be a problem with the ignition system, transmission, brakes or electronic control system.
  • Preventive maintenance: Regular computer diagnostics can help identify potential problems that could lead to serious breakdowns if not addressed in time. For example, reading data about the state of the engine, ignition system or charging system can help identify problems with filters, sensors, regulators, which can later lead to failures.
  • Optimizing the operation of the car: Computer diagnostics allows access to various parameters and data related to the operation of the car. This can help identify system deficiencies that may affect fuel economy, performance, or vehicle reliability. With the help of computer diagnostics, adjustments or software updates can be made to improve system performance and get better performance.
  • Buying or selling a car: Computer diagnostics is useful for both the buyer and the seller of the car. The buyer can order computer diagnostics before purchasing the car to make sure that it is in good condition and has no hidden problems. The seller, for his part, can conduct computer diagnostics before the sale to confirm the reliability and operation of the car, which will positively affect the confidence of the buyer and contribute to a successful transaction. As an example, on most Asian-made cars, the presence of errors in the electronic control units is displayed in the form of a check-engine warning light or another message on the instrument panel. Unlike them, in modern cars of the German group of manufacturers, the presence of errors can be displayed in electronic control units without a corresponding message on the instrument panel. These errors, if not detected in time, can later lead to expensive repairs.


Computer car diagnostics is an integral part of modern car maintenance and repair. Regular computer diagnostics help avoid serious breakdowns, preserve fuel economy and car performance, and ensure a successful car purchase or sale.

It should be taken into account that the frequency of computer diagnostics depends on the age of the car, its condition and the manufacturer's recommendations. Professional computer diagnostics can ensure high quality service and longevity of the car, which makes it an important procedure for all car owners. Therefore, we are waiting for you!


The cost of computer diagnostics starts from UAH 250