Painting discs

Painting discs 1

Painting wheel rims

Sooner or later, all discs lose their attractiveness due to mechanical damage, exposure to aggressive chemical compounds. Painting car rims is not only a way to keep them in excellent condition, but also a great way to emphasize the style and individuality of your car.

Even if the rims have deep curb scratches or other damage, they will look like new as a result. Our rim painting services allow you to choose the color of the paint and the type of varnish, giving your vehicle a new look.

We use two methods of painting discs - powder and liquid paint

Powder coating is a high-tech method that gives car rims extreme strength and resistance to external factors. This process involves sandblasting the surface to remove old paint layers, applying powder paint and varnish to the surface of the disc, which is then baked using high heat to form a scratch and corrosion resistant coating.

Painting with liquid paint is a classic method that also remains popular among car enthusiasts. This process involves spraying liquid paint onto the surface of the disc where it is fixed and varnished.

The process of painting discs

  • Surface preparation: Our craftsmen carefully clean the surface of the discs from the old coating by sandblasting to ensure the most effective adhesion of the paint.
  • Puttying and grinding: We repair any small damage or defects on the surface of the disc, putty them and sand them for smoothness. It is also possible to repair deep disc damage thanks to argon arc welding.
  • Application of preparatory soil: To ensure maximum paint adhesion, we use high-quality preparatory soil.
  • Dyeing: Choose a color, and our specialists will realize your idea, using only high-quality paints.
  • Varnish: Additional protection and shine thanks to lacquering, which increases resistance to external factors and provides a long-lasting effect.

Choose our car rim painting to hit the road in style and with the confidence that your car looks like never before. Your style is our concern.