Brake system repair and diagnostics

Diagnostics and repair of the car brake system
The braking system is one of the most important systems in any car, it ensures the safety of the driver and passengers on the road. Its correct operation requires constant control, diagnosis and, if necessary, repair. Let's look at the main components of the brake system, diagnostic procedures and possible consequences of failure of these components.
The main components of the braking system
  • brake discs and pads: brake discs and pads create the friction needed to stop the car. During braking, the pads are pressed against the discs, which ensures that the car stops.
  • brake calipers: needed to press the pads to the discs.
  • brake cylinders and tubes: These components transmit hydraulic pressure to the pads, helping to press them against the discs.
  • vacuum booster: creates the force needed to operate the brake cylinders
  • brake fluid: brake fluid is an integral part of the brake system, it transmits hydraulic pressure and ensures the removal of heat from the brake mechanisms.
Works carried out during diagnostics and repair of the brake system
  • checking the thickness of brake discs and pads: determining the condition and thickness of discs and pads, when brake discs and pads are worn, braking efficiency is significantly reduced, including the deterioration of heat dissipation from system components.
  • checking the brake fluid: measuring the level and quality of the brake fluid, detecting the presence of air inclusions. Over time, the brake fluid tends to absorb water, which reduces braking efficiency and reduces the system's overheating threshold.
  • inspection of brake cylinders and tubes: checking for leaks and corrosion.
  • replacement of worn parts: if necessary, replacement of brake discs, pads, cylinders or tubes.
Consequences of brake system component failure
  • Impaired braking performance: Worn or damaged discs and pads can increase stopping distance.
  • Leaking brake fluid: can cause loss of hydraulic pressure, making braking more difficult.
  • Damage to other components: For example, worn pads can damage the brake discs, requiring both components to be replaced.


Regular diagnosis and timely repair of the braking system are critical to ensure safety on the road. Lack of proper supervision can lead to serious consequences, including accidents and personal injury. You should always monitor the condition of the brake system and contact professional craftsmen to perform all necessary work.

The cost of replacing brake pads starts at UAH 250