Repair and diagnostics of internal combustion engines

Repair and diagnostics of internal combustion engines

Papa Garage provides diagnostic and repair services for internal combustion engines. We work with both gasoline and diesel engines, atmospheric and turbocharged. Any used car sooner or later requires attention to the engine, regardless of the quality of its maintenance. We understand that the engine is the heart of any car, so we provide the highest quality service to ensure the reliable and efficient operation of your car.Internal combustion engine repair

When and why to carry out diagnosis of DVZ?

Are you familiar with situations where your car runs erratically, consumes more fuel or makes strange noises? If so, engine diagnostics may be necessary to identify and resolve these issues.

One of the main points when it is recommended to carry out engine diagnostics is when the "Check Engine" warning lamp lights up on the car's instrument panel. This indicates a problem that needs attention. A diagnostic scanner can read the error code, which will help determine the source of the problem.

Other signs may include engine running erratically, noticeable power loss, unusual noises, vibrations, or smoke coming from the exhaust system. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is recommended to visit a specialized service center for diagnosis.

Diagnostics of internal combustion engines has several important advantages.

  1. It allows you to detect problems in the early stages, when they are easily corrected and do not lead to serious damage. This can help prevent costly repairs in the future.
  2. Diagnostics of internal combustion engines helps maintain safety on the road. Engine operation is one of the most important components of safe driving. Proper diagnostics can reveal problems with the ignition systems, fuel system, exhaust system and others that can affect the efficiency and reliability of the vehicle.

Use of the endoscope in engine diagnostics

The use of an endoscope in the diagnosis of internal combustion engines (ICE) is an important tool for identifying problems and carrying out repair work. An endoscope is a flexible device with a miniature camera that allows you to penetrate hard-to-reach places of the engine and study their condition.

One of the main purposes of the endoscope is to inspect the internal parts of the engine. With the help of an endoscope, you can penetrate the combustion chambers, cylinders, cylinder head and other hard-to-reach engine systems. This allows specialists to assess the condition of piston rings, valves, cylinder walls, manifolds and other important parts. Inspection using an endoscope allows you to detect signs of wear, damage or other problems that can affect the operation of the engine.

In addition to visual inspection, endoscopes can be used to measure dimensions and distances between engine parts. This is especially useful when evaluating valve and piston clearances that can affect compression and engine performance. Measuring with the endoscope helps to identify abnormalities and determine whether further adjustments or repairs are required.

Repair of internal combustion engine

Repair of internal combustion engines is a complex and important process that requires professional knowledge and experience. When engine problems occur, repairs may be necessary to restore efficiency and reliability.

The first stage of diesel engine repair is diagnostics. The specialist conducts a visual inspection, measurements and the use of specialized tools, such as a diagnostic scanner, a compressometer and an endoscope, to identify problem parts and determine the cause of the malfunction. This stage allows you to determine exactly what repairs need to be performed.

After diagnosis, engine disassembly begins. Damaged parts are replaced with new or refurbished parts.

After assembling the engine, it is adjusted and tested. This includes setting optimal gaps between parts, checking the ignition system, fuel system, cooling system and other components. Bench tests can also be performed to check engine performance under various loads.


Repair and diagnostics of internal combustion engines  is an integral part of maintaining and maintaining the efficiency of the car. Diagnostics helps identify potential problems and avoid serious malfunctions, while repair restores the engine to working condition. Contact us and ensure regular diagnostics and necessary repairs of the internal combustion engine. This will help keep your car running optimally, ensure safety on the road, and extend its useful life.

The cost of engine endoscopy starts from UAH 500