Chip-tuning, car flashing, ecology, EGR

We provide firmware services, programming of electronic control units of cars, increasing engine power and torque by chip tuning, programming, removal of ecology, particulate filters and EGR.

Chip tuning

With the advent of modern technologies, cars have become not only a means of transportation, but also an expression of the personal style and aspirations of drivers. Many car owners have a desire to increase the performance of their vehicle. One popular method of achieving this is chip tuning.

Essence and mechanism of action

Chip tuning is the process of changing the software of a car's engine control unit in order to optimize its performance. This makes it possible to change parameters, such as the operating pressure of the turbine, fuel injection and others, to achieve more power and better returns.

Advantages of chip tuning

  1. Power increase: The main advantage of chip tuning is the ability to increase the number of horsepower and torque, which leads to improved car dynamics.
  2. Fuel economy: Optimization of injection modes and changes in engine characteristics allow to reduce fuel consumption in normal driving conditions.
  3. Better return: After chip-tuning, the car responds to the gas pedal faster and more efficiently, ensuring efficient movement at any speed.

Risks and limitations

  1. Guarantee: It is important to understand that chip-tuning can lead to the loss of the manufacturer's warranty on a new car. Many companies recommend refraining from such changes, as incorrect chip-tuning can damage the engine.
  2. Uneven load distribution: If the tuning process is carried out poorly or excessively, it can affect the durability and reliability of the engine. We cooperate with several foreign companies that have been working in this field for a long time and create firmware with the use of dyno stands and with the calculation of the wear of engine parts, with the aim of minimal impact on the residual resource of its operation.
  3. Impact on the environment: Uncontrolled chip-tuning can lead to increased emissions of harmful substances, which has a negative impact on the environment.

Conclusion, chip tuning is a powerful tool for changing the performance of a car that requires a careful approach.

Firmware of electronic control units of the car

Modern cars are real computers on wheels, where electronic systems play an important role in ensuring optimal performance, safety and driving comfort. One of the key technologies that allows you to maximize the potential of the car is reflashing the control units. 

Essence and purpose

Flashing of control units is the process of changing the embedded software in the electronic control units of the car in order to optimize its functioning, this may include changing the parameters of the gearbox, comfort systems, adaptation of the units in case of their replacement or after repair.