Transmission maintenance (automatic transmission, manual transmission)

Transmission maintenance (automatic transmission, manual transmission)

Transmission maintenance is an important part of your vehicle's routine maintenance. The transmission is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels and affects the smoothness of gear changes and the overall performance of the vehicle. Therefore, at a minimum, you should periodically change the oil in the transmission, even if the manufacturer did not provide regulations for this.

Consequences of failure to maintain the transmission

Failure to provide regular maintenance of the transmission (automatic transmission, manual transmission) can have serious consequences for the car. Here are some of the possible consequences if the transmission is not serviced:

  • Transmission failure: The most obvious consequence of improper transmission maintenance is the possibility of failure. Dirt, deposits, and lubricant wear can cause shifting mechanisms to malfunction, lags, tears, and even transmission failure. This can lead to expensive and complicated repairs (1000 - 3000$) or even the need for a complete transmission replacement.
  • Reduction of transmission efficiency and smoothness: Dirt, contamination and lubricant wear can reduce transmission efficiency. This can manifest itself in rustling, smooth shifting, delays or jolts when shifting gears. Reduced transmission performance can lead to increased fuel consumption.
  • Increased wear and tear of other car components: Improper operation of the transmission can adversely affect other components of the vehicle. For example, excessive pressure, lack of lubrication or incorrect gear shifting can lead to wear and tear of the clutch, drive shaft, wheel drive and other important parts of the vehicle.
  • Increase in repair costs: Improper maintenance of the transmission can lead to serious breakdowns that will require expensive repairs or even replacement of the transmission. The cost to repair or replace the transmission can be significant and require significantly more money.

Oil change in automatic transmission and manual transmission

As part of transmission maintenance, one of the key stages is changing the oil in an automatic (automatic) or manual (manual) transmission. Transmission oil is needed to lubricate, cool, and protect internal parts, so timely replacement is critical to ensuring transmission efficiency and extending its life.

As a rule, the oil in an automatic transmission needs to be renewed every 60,000 km, in a mechanical one every 100,000 km, but it all depends on the manufacturer of the car, the transmission, and operating conditions. Some manufacturers do not recommend a service oil change and claim that the oil filled at the factory is designed for the entire life of the car. However, this approach does not contribute to the long and high-quality work of this node. We recommend changing the oil in an automatic transmission every 40-60 thousand km, in a mechanical one - every 80-100 thousand km.

Changing the oil in the automatic transmission requires specialized equipment and skilled mechanics because the procedure is complex and requires precision. When changing the oil in an automatic transmission, the old oil is drained from the system, and then filled with fresh oil, according to the recommendations of the car manufacturer. The filter can also be replaced.

Changing the oil in the manual transmission is also a necessary procedure to ensure smooth operation of the transmission. When changing the oil in a manual transmission, the old oil is drained from the gearbox, and new oil is added to it. Usually, car manufacturers recommend changing the oil in the manual transmission at certain intervals or after a certain number of kilometers traveled.

Proper transmission maintenance, including oil changes, will help keep your vehicle running optimally and prevent serious transmission problems. Regular maintenance can also improve the fuel efficiency of the transmission and save it from unnecessary repair costs.

Automatic transmission software correction

Automatic transmission control program correction is a procedure performed to optimize the operation of the transmission and improve its functionality. It includes settings for operating modes, pressure control, gear shifting points and other parameters that affect the operation of the automatic transmission. Also, with the help of specialized equipment and software, automatic transmission software is updated.

The main purpose of automatic transmission correction is to provide smoother and faster gear changes, reduce delays and gaps in the operation of the transmission, as well as improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Automatic transmission correction can significantly improve the performance of the transmission, provide a more comfortable ride and improve the longevity of the vehicle.


Our company recommends regular maintenance of the transmission, this will ensure smooth operation of the transmission, increase the reliability of the car and keep it in optimal condition for a long period of operation.

The cost of changing the manual transmission oil from UAH 200, automatic transmission from UAH 500