Replacement of oil and filters

Engine oil is necessary for the engine like blood for our body. The oil performs several functions, lubricates all metal parts that rub, preventing their wear, maintains the condition of rubber parts, acting as a preservative, cools all thermally loaded parts, washing them, retains wear products of the parts, which are subsequently retained by the oil filter.

Oil and filter replacement 1Performance of the specified functions, constant contact with the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chambers, and the changing temperature regime inside the engine lead to a deterioration of the properties of engine oil. Therefore, you need to regularly change the oil with the filter.

In the conditions of our country, taking into account the very low quality of fuel, with normal operation of the car, the maximum possible oil change interval is recommended at a mileage of 10 thousand kilometers, with frequent engine idling, in the absence of driving on the highway, frequent traffic in traffic jams, a reduction is recommended interval up to 7.5 thousand kilometers, in addition to the specified, with frequent engine operation at high speeds, operation in a hot or arctic climate, an additional reduction of the interval is recommended. In addition, many modern cars have an intelligent system for calculating the oil change service interval, which takes into account many factors, engine hours, engine speed, the number of warm-ups, short and long trips, ambient temperature, equipment temperature, and more. This system dynamically changes the recommended oil change interval.

Types of oils according to their nature:

  1. Mineral oils - these are the most simple and common oils for engines. They are made from petroleum and other mineral resources and have a low price compared to other types of oils. However, they do not provide such high performance and efficiency as synthetic oils.
  2. Synthetic oils - they are made by synthesizing chemicals, have higher efficiency, burn out less, have a wider temperature range and a longer service life. However, they are more expensive compared to mineral oils.
  3. Fully synthetic oils - these are the most productive and efficient oils for engines. They are made of high-quality chemicals, which ensures their high technical characteristics, such as resistance to high temperatures, protection of the engine from wear and longer service life. Fully synthetic oils are the most expensive option, but they provide maximum protection and performance for the engine.

In addition, there are hybrid oils, which consist of a combination of mineral and synthetic oils, which provides effective engine protection and economy. When choosing engine oil, it is important to consider its compliance with the manufacturer's specifications and recommendations.

Do not forget to regularly and systematically refresh the engine oil together with the filter. With a competent approach, your engine will work for a long time.

The cost of replacing internal combustion engine oil starts at UAH 400

In addition to the oil change service itself, you can purchase the necessary oil in our online store or by phone