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At first glance, car wheels are an ordinary part of the car. But if you think about it, there is a colossal load on the wheels, especially when driving on a bad road. As a result of many factors, tires and wheels wear out, in some situations they are damaged. Even in ideal operating conditions, the wheels require maintenance, eventually the tires deform, especially after the car has been parked for a long time and exposed to ultraviolet light, so the wheels need balancing at least at the change of season.

Tire fitting is an integral part of car care and road safety. This process involves removing the old tires, installing new ones, and balancing to ensure optimal ride and tire longevity.

Why it is important to choose a professional tire fitting:

  • Safety on the road: Correctly mounted and balanced tires guarantee a better perception of the road and optimal stability of the car while driving.
  • Work efficiency: Professional installation ensures optimal contact of tires with the road, which affects the durability and fuel efficiency of the car.
  • Tire Maintenance: Improper installation can lead to faster tire wear and affect tire life.

Our advantages in the field of tire fitting:

  • We work every day, without days off
  • Experience and qualifications: Our team has many years of experience in the field of tire fitting and is focused on the highest quality standards.
  • Modern equipment: We use modern equipment and tools for accurate and reliable tire installation.
  • Individual approach: We select the optimal type and size of tires for each car, taking into account its characteristics and operating conditions.

Our company provides a full range of wheel maintenance services:

  • Wheel balancing
  • Repair of cones and side cuts
  • Argon, repair of cast and forged disks
  • Rolling of steel discs
  • Painting discs
  • Wheel washer (Detailing)
  • Tire pressure sensor (TPMS) programming

Our specialists are a team of experienced and qualified craftsmen, ready to carry out tire installation at a high level. You can be sure that your tires will receive the best care and attention, and that every process will be carried out with the latest technology in mind.

It is recommended to carry out installation and replacement of tires depending on the season and mileage of the car. We are proud to provide you with not only service, but also peace of mind on the road. Your comfort and safety is our priority. Safety starts with reliable tires, and we're always here to help you ensure it.