Wheel washer (Detailing)

We provide the service of washing wheels at a special stand for detailing. We use high-quality chemicals for washing and preserving wheels and tires Koch Chemie, Grass.

Wheel washer (Detailing) 1During the operation of the car, many aggressive reagents, dust from brake pads, tar, bitumen from the road, etc. get on the paint coating of the wheels. With long-term exposure, the indicated reagents eat into the paint coating and spoil its appearance, corrosion is possible.

Also, for long-term use of tires, it is necessary to treat their sidewalls with a special preservative, and this should be done both on the outside of the tire and on the inside, thanks to this, the tires will not dry out, crack, and delaminate over time. We recommend carrying out the wheel detailing procedure before placing it in seasonal storage.