Rolling of steel discs

Rolling of steel discs

Steel wheels are a popular and quite common choice among car owners due to their strength and reliability. However, after long-term use, even the highest quality steel discs can suffer wear, deformations and other damages. In this case, rolling of steel discs becomes an indispensable procedure to restore their optimal shape and functionality.

Why should you choose steel disc rolling?

  • Safety on the road: Warped or damaged rims can cause unpredictable problems on the road, such as uneven tire wear, vibration and even loss of handling, especially at high speeds. Rolling discs help to get rid of these problems, ensuring stability and safety while driving.
  • Saving money: Replacing steel discs can be a much more expensive procedure compared to rolling. Disk recovery allows you to save money while maintaining high quality and reliability.

The process of rolling steel discs

Rolling of steel discs is a technological process of restoring their shape and geometry. It usually includes the following steps:

  1. Review and diagnosis: Before starting the rolling process, craftsmen conduct a detailed inspection of the discs to detect deformations, cracks, height differences and other damages.View of the steel disc before rolling
  2. Rolling: With the help of special equipment, steel discs are subjected to rolling, during which they gradually restore their shape and geometry. This process requires high precision, professionalism and special equipment.Steel disc after rolling
  3. Balancing: After rolling, the wheel is assembled and balanced to ensure even tire wear and no vibration while driving.
  4. Quality and testing: Refurbished discs undergo control measurements and testing to ensure their quality and readiness for use.

Why restore the disk geometry?

The curved disc creates vibration and shock, which will be transmitted to the suspension, chassis and body of the car. This can lead to premature wear of parts that will require repair or replacement. Also, it leads to inconvenience for the driver and passengers. 

In addition, improper disc geometry leads to uneven tire wear, which in turn can lead to a shorter tire life. Restoring the geometry of the disk helps not only to correctly distribute the load on the tires, but also extends the service life of the tires. 


Rolling steel discs is an effective way to restore the optimal working geometry and reliability of your discs without the need for replacement. This process contributes to increased road safety and cost savings. Our company offers professional steel disc rolling services at affordable prices and quality assurance.

In addition, we do not use outdated repair methods such as "sledgehammer". Entrust your rims to professionals and enjoy a comfortable and safe ride on your car!

The cost of repairing steel discs starts at UAH 110