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A wide range of services for any car. Suspension repair, internal combustion engine repair, steering racks, transmission repair. Spare parts. Computer diagnostics, error reset. We only have quality service.

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We take great pride in our services and customer support.

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Myroslav GennadyevichMyroslav Gennadyevich
11:09 11 Jul 24
Very pleasant and qualified staff, guys are masters! The owner offered a solution to my problem with the wheels, in storage. Everything is complex and very democratic in terms of prices. Highly recommend! Even when you have to drive across town! Kharkiv ❤️
Alena ShipkoAlena Shipko
12:33 10 Jul 24
The best service, very attentive specialists, everything is done quickly and qualitatively. Helped to fix the problem with the disk. I will apply again)
Andrey NeronovAndrey Neronov
17:17 19 Jun 24
Good service 👌 Did the running and refueled the air conditioner. Everything is buzzing 💪
10:05 15 Jun 24
They work well, reasonable prices. There are no complaints.
Alexander LukashchukAlexander Lukashchuk
05:54 12 Jun 24
Permanent, great place where my friends and I service cars, friendly and professional employees, satisfied with everything, recommend
Valera BondarValera Bondar
15:52 11 May 24
The best specialists. Thank you very much for the good work. Audio a6. In 2005, they were raised from their knees. How young now. Many thanks to the entire team!!!!
11:36 07 May 24
Aveo May 6 tire fitting. The equipment, the craftsmen, the time spent and the price pleasantly surprised. Polite staff. I highly recommend it.
inna tihonovainna tihonova
10:06 07 Apr 24
Everything is super, fast and professional! There is a very nice wheel storage option 🛞
Vladislav CatVladislav Cat
12:10 26 Mar 24
I made a recording, arrived on time, sold for an hour and was told to wait, I didn't wait. Office hat
Vladimir ChmylVladimir Chmyl
08:51 17 Mar 24
I visited this tire repair shop for the first time, and I was very impressed with this establishment, the workers are very friendly, the workshop is clean, everything was done quickly and with high quality. I recommend it to everyone. good luck
Den KrasnyDen Krasny
06:58 23 Feb 24
Convenient registration for the service on the website. Professional and pleasant team. I recommend!
16:41 15 Nov 23
Thank you for the prompt help in restoring the operation of the stove fan! With the weather like this, when it is raining and soon it will snow, such help was very timely and necessary. Carefully, quickly and without any "we do not deal with this, or come in a week for diagnosis". They listened, immediately accepted, did. The friendly atmosphere, courtesy, understanding of the visitor's needs, excellent working interior of the station and office, cleanliness and order are simply pleasing. I will apply again!
Irina MashkovaIrina Mashkova
09:23 28 Sep 23
Very high-quality service, the work is done quickly, the employees are polite and qualified, the prices are reasonable, it is not the first time I have applied, I will use their services in the future.
Natalia VashchenkoNatalia Vashchenko
12:16 12 Sep 23
Craftsmen do not predict in advance what might happen when they do the work, for example, when they change the rear cylinder, why not replace at least two of them at once, even the sellers clarify when selling, why one? When paying, they say the total price and what they added or changed there, and what exactly is how much it costs.....
Andrey NedashkovskyAndrey Nedashkovsky
14:29 26 May 23
Good attitude to customers, fast, high-quality, professional
Yuri ZhosYuri Zhos
09:29 09 May 23
ZAZ Vida car visited this service station to change the engine oil and oil filter, fuel filter. When replacing the fuel filter, there were problems with the fuel system connector. The employees quickly solved this problem, for which I thank them. I will continue to visit this service station in the future. I recommend
Konstantin DrozdKonstantin Drozd
05:51 02 May 23
Arrived on Sunday, in the afternoon, with a flat tire, going down very fast, because the puncture was serious! The employees of the service station helped to eliminate the problem without any problems, drove around with the wheel for more than 3 hours! Thank you very much for your work! Nice young guys!
Dima HnydenkoDima Hnydenko
15:23 25 Apr 23
Plus: Very polite staff. Coffee. They did it quickly and qualitatively. Minus: There was an error with the recording, we had to wait.
Gennady SysoevGennady Sysoev
16:09 21 Apr 23
Signed up to change the oil in the engine and change the brake fluid. At the appointed time, the specialist did not accept, in connection with the repair of another car, we had to wait for about 20 minutes. When signing up for service, the minimum cost of the above services was UAH 550, after the service, the specialist said UAH 800. When changing the oil in the engine, the second antenna on the dipstick was broken. (The first one was broken by a specialist from the Autoclinic service center when changing the oil. By the way, the stem in the oil filter housing was also broken at the Autoclinic). Ps Later, a representative of the service center called to replace the oil dipstick. Later, the dipstick was replaced free of charge. Thank you.
Alexander OvsyannikovAlexander Ovsyannikov
09:45 10 Apr 23
In general, all norms. I did not compare the prices. And look for somewhere cheaper by UAH 100 for 4 wheels, drive 5 km there, 5 km back, in the best case, the cost will also work out.


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Frequently asked questions

We work every day without days off from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. You can view the time available for recording and sign up for the service by clicking the blue online recording button in the lower right corner of the screen.

So. All spare parts and parts dismantled in the process of servicing the car are returned to the customer at his request. Please note that old parts are disposed of after 24 hours from the moment the service is provided.

After any repair or diagnosis, you will be issued an "Order-outlet" in which all types of work performed, replaced spare parts, consumables and, of course, the cost of each item are indicated. If you need any other documents, we can contact the managers and they will provide you with all the necessary documents.

Yes, you can be present in our repair box at any time while your car is at our service station. But we recommend that you visit our customer area, where you can sit comfortably and watch the progress of your car repair, drink a glass of water or a cup of tea and relax.

Our service station is equipped with the latest technology, we simultaneously provide car service and tire fitting services, and carry out welding work. It is possible to purchase spare parts and consumables from us. Prices for service services are always available online, you can make an appointment through the online appointment form for a certain type of work at a time convenient for you, for this you do not need to visit us or call us, we will contact you ourselves if there are any questions. Our service is equipped with a comfortable rest room, drinks and Wi-Fi are available.

Our mission

Provide all the necessary car maintenance services so that the client is satisfied with the result

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Car brands that we serve

We service various car brands, including: Subaru, Mazda, Volkswagen, Kia, Hyundai, Daewoo, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Renault and others.