Transmission oil Jasol 75w90 GL-4 1 liter


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Transmission oil Jasol 75w90 GL-4 1l is a high-quality product designed to protect the transmissions of your car. This oil keeps transmissions running efficiently and provides maximum protection against wear and damage.

One of the main advantages of Jasol 75w90 GL-4 transmission oil is its high efficiency. It is made using the most modern technologies and using the best raw materials. This provides maximum protection for transmissions and ensures smooth operation of the vehicle.

In addition, Jasol 75w90 GL-4 has a wide range of applications. This oil is suitable for various types of transmissions, including manual and automatic. You can use this product for your car, regardless of its make and model.

Another advantage of Jasol 75w90 GL-4 transmission oil is its resistance to high temperatures and loads. This oil is designed to work in extreme conditions such as high temperatures and heavy loads. It helps reduce wear and tear on transmission mechanisms and extend their service life.

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