Engine oil Total Quartz INEO MDC 5W30 1 l


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Low-ash oil of a new generation, specially developed taking into account the technical requirements of Mercedes-Benz cars. High-tech additives combined with a stable synthetic base ensure maximum performance of gasoline and diesel engines, including those with exhaust gas cleaning systems - particulate filters or multi-stage catalytic converters. Helps reduce the number of harmful components in exhaust gases to the level regulated by the Euro VI standard. It is distinguished by a very high viscosity index and maintains optimal viscosity and fluidity in a very wide temperature range, protecting all moving elements from wear, including the starting one, all year round. Universally suitable for any driving style, including for the city cycle with frequent stops and starts or for sporty driving on the track.
Meets the strict requirements of MB 229.52 and GM Dexos 2.
Maintains fluidity at low temperatures and flows freely through the lubrication system, ensuring quick cold starts in winter.
Maintains the integrity of the lubricating film even under extreme loads, protecting moving units and units.
Reduces friction, contributing to high car performance and economical fuel consumption.
Especially long intervals between replacements.

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