Winter washer BREXOL SCREENWASH BomBiBom -27°C BRX-051 4l


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aggreWinter glass washer with excellent cleaning abilities and low freezing point. BREXOL SCREENWASH BomBiBom -27°C BRX-051 4l easily copes with all types of contamination typical of the cold season, including snow, ice, slush, coating from road reagents and oily stains from exhaust gases. It is produced on the basis of a complex of alcohol-containing substances, thanks to which it has a crystallization temperature of -27 degrees Celsius - this allows the liquid to be used in the coldest climate zones. It evaporates on its own from the surface and does not leave streaks, lines and holograms, providing excellent transparency of the glass for comfortable and safe driving at any time of the day. It does not contain aggressive components that can damage the paint coating, rubber and plastic elements.
Easily removes any contamination from the surface of the windshield.
It can be used as a headlight washer, as well as for manual cleaning of side windows and mirrors.
It has a fresh and pleasant bubblegum aroma.
Helps reduce friction between glass and wipers, eliminates unpleasant squeaking during operation and extends service life.

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