Transmission oil Total Trans Gear 8 75W80 1 l


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Oil for mechanical transmissions of cars and light commercial vehicles, which are ordered to use oils that meet API GL-4+ or PSA B71 2330 tolerances, and also have a viscosity level of SAE 75W-80. Also, it is allowed to use the product in cars with an extended replacement interval - up to 250,000 km. It contains improved anti-wear additives that help reduce the wear of moving parts and prevent the appearance of chips and burrs even in the most extreme conditions, in particular, with a sudden drop in the oil level. Maintains good fluidity at low temperatures due to high viscosity index, due to which a problem-free cold start is ensured with minimal starting wear. Total Transmission GEAR 8 75W-80 is fully compatible with all oil filters, thanks to its high resistance to foaming.
Contains a special modifier that allows the product to be used in PSA gearboxes.
Provides smooth and stable operation, smooth gear shifting.
It reliably protects gears, clutches, bearings and other moving elements from wear and extends the life of the transmission.
Works stably in a wide range of temperatures.

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