Transmission oil Elf Tranself NFX 75W 1 l


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High-class oil for mechanical gearboxes of passenger vehicles manufactured by Renault. Developed taking into account the design features of transmissions Renault, Dacia, Nissan, models Sx, Jxx, TLx, NDx, NDk1, Pxx, DBx, thanks to which it ensures their excellent and stable operation in a very wide temperature range and under all types of operation. Maintains optimal fluidity in the winter period, circulates freely through the system and guarantees quick and easy cold start, as well as smooth and soft gear shifting. It is distinguished by its excellent resistance to jerky and shock loads, due to which it reliably protects transmission units from mechanical wear and chipping, extending its trouble-free service life. The combined base with synthetic components has excellent resistance to oxidation and aging, which allows ELF Tranself NFX SAE 75W 12B1LELFC 1l liquid to maintain its primary properties at a high level throughout the entire service life.
Reliably protects all transmission components, including synchronizers and gears.
Reduces friction for smoother, jerk-free shifting.
Prevents corrosion.
Resistant to foaming.
Does not have a negative effect on seals.

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