Motor oil Elf Evolution Full-Tech LSX 5W40 5 l


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Elf Evolution Full-Tech LSX 5W40 motor oil is a high-quality product designed to prevent wear and tear and ensure maximum efficiency of your vehicle's engine. This oil has a unique composition that provides reliable protection against wear, oxidation and corrosion.
Elf Evolution Full-Tech LSX 5W40 has high resistance to thermal decomposition, which allows it to retain its properties at high temperatures. This oil has excellent fluidity at low temperatures, which ensures quick and easy starting of the engine in all weather conditions.
Elf Evolution Full-Tech LSX 5W40 is designed specifically for gasoline and diesel engines, including turbo and non-turbo. This oil meets the requirements of the strictest quality standards, which confirms its reliability and efficiency.

Improved engine efficiency: This engine oil provides high engine efficiency by reducing friction and wear, as well as providing more efficient fuel combustion. This can help increase top speed, reduce fuel consumption and increase engine power.

Wear protection: Elf Evolution Full-Tech LSX 5W40 motor oil contains special additives that help prevent engine wear and extend its life. This is especially important for engines with high power or demanding operating conditions.

Durability: This engine oil helps to keep your engine in good condition for a long time, which allows you to save money on repairs and maintenance of the engine in the future.

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