Brake fluid Jasol DOT-4 1l


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Jasol DOT-4 brake fluid is a high-quality product designed specifically for brake systems of hydraulic vehicles. This product is manufactured to DOT-4 brake fluid standards and requirements.

Jasol DOT-4 brake fluid has a high boiling point, which ensures efficient operation of the brake system and prevents the formation of vapors in the brake system tubes at high temperatures. In addition, it does not pollute the braking system and does not corrode its components.

Jasol DOT-4 brake fluid also has a high level of resistance to oxidation, which allows you to ensure the reliable operation of the brake system for a long period of time. This product contains special additives that help reduce brake wear and improve braking performance.

In addition, the brake fluid meets all the necessary standards and requirements, which allows it to ensure the reliable operation of the brake system in various operating conditions. It is recommended to use it in brake systems of cars with a hydraulic drive, which work under high pressure and high temperature. The volume of 1 liter allows you to provide a sufficient amount of fluid to replenish the level of brake fluid in the system or to completely replace the fluid in the brake system.

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