Motor oil Elf Evolution Full-Tech FE 5w30 5 l


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Premium class fuel-saving motor oil developed according to the proprietary ELF synthetic technology with a reduced level of SAPS especially for modern car models with catalytic afterburning systems of solid particles in gases or particulate filters. ELF EVOLUTION FULL-TECH FE 5W-30 contains active anti-friction and anti-wear additives that guarantee reliable protection of all units and aggregates against wear and damage both in the urban cycle with frequent stops and starts, and when driving on the highway at high speed, significantly extending the trouble-free life of the engine. Due to its high resistance to aging and oxidation, ELF EVOLUTION FULL-TECH FE 5W-30 retains its lubricating and protective properties at a high level even with long intervals between replacements of up to 30,000 km.
It guarantees comprehensive protection of all engine units and assemblies, due to the presence of effective additives of the latest generation.
Provides excellent engine cleanliness due to good detergent-dispersing properties.
Contributes to economical fuel consumption.
Reduces the amount of harmful substances in exhaust gases, maintains the cleanliness of the particulate filter.
Low evaporation and minimal carbon consumption.

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