Antifreeze Total Glacelf Auto Supra red 1 l


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The normal functioning of the car engine and its elements can be ensured only by using a good antifreeze.
This G12+ class antifreeze protects the cooling system well, forming a reliable protective layer on surfaces. Antifreeze has anti-corrosion properties, protects against cavitation destruction, freezing, increases the boiling point.
Advantages of using antifreeze: prevents foaming, has good technical characteristics, provides long-term good protection of the engine system.
TOTAL Glacelf Auro Supra G12+ orange antifreeze -37°C has good temperature properties: it protects the engine from overheating, guarantees the preservation of all its elements, and also has good low-temperature properties, thanks to which it protects the engine from unwanted freezing and maintains maximum engine performance.
This antifreeze is supplemented with additives that provide additional protection of non-ferrous metals included in the car's cooling system.
Reliable special additives that are part of antifreeze ensure good lubrication of the cooling system, prevent drying and change of the structure of rubber and plastic elements (seals, etc.), contribute to the extension of their useful life.

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